Rubi Rose Reveals Top OnlyFans Subscriber Got Massive Tattoo Of Her Face

Rubi Rose

Photo: Getty Images

Rubi Rose put her No. 1 OnlyFans subscriber on blast after he showed her the massive tattoo he got of her face.

On Tuesday, December 5, the "Cherry" rapper posted a thread of messages from a man she recently met and labeled as "Brandon weird OF fan." Within the lengthy chain of unanswered text messages, the man admitted that he spent over $90,000 on her OnlyFans page and offered to send her 10 bitcoin (which is over $440,000 USD) just to respond to him. Later on in the thread, the man sends her photos of a giant tattoo of her face on the back of his leg.

"Brandon" said that the ink took over three hours to complete. Rose previously met the man and posed for a photo with him last week. She actually shouted him out in a post on X/Twitter and shared an image of the total amount he had spent on her, which was over $60,000 at the time. In his messages, he indicated that he spent well over $30,000 since they met.

"I even spent $30,000 more on you since we met because I thought we had something genuine and real," the man wrote. "I will empty my bank account just to be with you."

Rubi Rose has been on OnlyFans since 2020. According to Complex, she earned over $100,000 in her first 48 hours on the app, which allows people to post typically adult content.

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