10-year-old Invents A Device to Prevent Children Hot Car Deaths

There were 39 children deaths caused by heat strokes in the car last year. Texas had the most deaths in a state. Thanks to Bishop Curry V that number should decrease. 

According to nbcwashington, Bishop Curry V says he was inspired to create a device he calls "Oasis" after a baby died in a hot minivan last summer outside a home in Melissa. The home is near the Curry family's home in McKinney.

Curry V's device is currently in the design phase. It would attach to a car seat, detect if a child is left inside the vehicle and then blow cool air until parents and authorities are notified. 

The fifth grader already has a provisional patent on the "Oasis." And Toyota has already taken notice of the invention.

The Currys recently traveled to Michigan to introduce the idea at an auto safety conference.