Morehouse College President Speaks About The "Troubling" Visit With Trump

When I first this picture all I could do was burst out and laugh! I was proud to see my alma mater being representated at the white house (Tennessee State University) but I wanted to believe that something good would come out of this meeting. Then this happen...

Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr. speaks about the recent visit. According to HuffingtonPost, President Donald Trump met on Monday with more than 60 presidents from historically black colleges and universities to discuss his February 28 executive order and the overall needs of black schools. Given Trump’s controversial relationship with black people, many social media users suspected the meeting was a fruitless photo-op. It seems they were correct.

Morehouse College President John Wilson, Jr. alluded to this in a statement to the university on Thursday. Wilson said he initially had “high hopes,” mainly regarding funding, about meeting with the White House, especially since Trump vowed to do more for HBCUs than previous presidents during Monday’s meeting. 

The executive order Trump signed on Tuesday moved the HBCU initiative from under the Department of Education to the White House, which HBCUs have advocated for in expectation of having a more direct line to the president. The executive order did not, however, ensure the funding that many HBCUs desperately need; several of them are in danger of closing.

“In general, the meetings were a troubling beginning to what must be a productive relationship,” he said. “Trust that the HBCU community will continue to press for the kind of funding that educational excellence and national competitiveness require!” - John Wilson Jr. 


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