Video: 50 Cent Punches Woman At Concert...Lawsuit!

50 Cent you should know better! 50 Cent punching a woman was very disturbing to watch. Hotnewhiphop reported, Footage of 50 Cent punching a woman in the crowd at his Baltimore show made its way online last week. The rapper was seemingly pulled off off stage by a fan, at which point he struck her in the chest. Later on, he invited her to dance on stage.

That fan's name has been revealed to be Donetta Derr. TMZ reports that she is launching a lawsuit against the rapper.

Derr is said to have gone to the hospital the day after the concert. She then hired attorney Warren Brown to represent her. Brown has called the rapper's actions "cowardly."

Derr will sue 50 Cent, the Baltimore Soundstage venue, and the LOX, who Fif was performing with. 

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