Kathy Griffin loses her job after posting her bloody Trump photos!

Another one bites the dust. 

CNN reported, Kathy Griffin is fighting back against the abuse and "death threats" she has received in light of controversial images released earlier this week that showed the comedian holding up a bloody head resembling that of President Donald Trump.

Griffin was fired from her gig on CNN's New Year's Eve program, which she had co-hosted alongside Anderson Cooper since 2007. Griffin also lost an endorsement deal with Squatty Potty, a line of bathroom footstools, and has had at least five of her stand-up gigs canceled since the photos were released.

Seriously, you can't just take pictures of The President of the United States head cut off with blood dripping from it. What did you expect to happen Kathy?? 

In one of her most recent comments, she stated she will talk about him even more! 

Good luck Kathy!

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