R&B group Xscape still can't get along and blames Kandi Burruss for it!

Can we all just get along?? Xscape is by far my favorite R&B group and I just don't understand why they can't get it together and just make the music we love in peace. 

With the new reality show #Xscape that premiers on Bravo soon and all the drama that has been stirring up amongst members; I'm wondering if they would even make it through the upcoming 30 city tour. 

According to people mag, before the Real Housewives of Atlanta star could move forward with the group, she wanted bandmate Tamika Scott to apologize for a decade-long feud that included Scott, 41, claiming in a radio interview that Burruss slept with their label head Jermaine Dupri and his father, music industry executive Michael Mauldin.

“I was like, I need a public apology,” Burruss says. “She’s going to have to say to the world that the stuff that she said about me was a lie. And so in doing that — we did it on the radio — and the radio disc jockey, he’s like, ‘Oh, Xscape is back!’ I was like, ‘Xscape is not back!’ All of a sudden we started getting all these offers to perform and do shows, so I just went with the flow for the moment.”

“We all think differently when it comes to handling business, or at least, the three of them think differently than me,” Kandi expressed. “It’s always them three against me, and I feel like I’m always made to be the villain. It’s really irritating and stressful," stated Kandi.

Well, good luck ladies! Watch the trailer of 'Xscape Still Kickin' It' reality show!

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