Beyonce's Bee Hive May Have Caused Keri Hilson a 7-year Depression!!

In a recent interview, Keri Hilson speaks on her musical hiatus and opens up about what happened seven-years ago. The video below refreshes your memory of one incident that led Beehive members to attack Keri via social media!

“When ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ was at the top of the charts, I was bearing the weight of some personal and professional mistakes and they just weighed so so so heavy on my spirit, and I was just not myself,” 

 - Keri Hilson on the Silence The Shame Panel blogged by xonecole

 "You don't know where a person is, it's not just about what you are feeding your audience, but what you are doing to the creators. There are a lot of undeserving people that are being attacked by just a headline," Keri shared. "You don't understand some of the worst days of my life were from a lie. An attack on my character. And I am an amazing person. I do say that because I've done the work to become that and all I ever wanted to be was just a great human being."

I remember this like it was yesterday. The Bee-Hive is powerful...that's all I have to say about this! 

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