Saudi Arabia Joins The Rest of The World in Allowing Women to Drive!

Sometimes we take the little things for granted, like being able to drive. Today marks a great day for women of Saudi Arabia thanks to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

According to cnn, he is allowing women to drive and letting them go to sports stadiums, allowing music to be played on streets, permitting outdoor performances and, perhaps very significantly, marginalizing the kingdom's religious police. And Saudis are no longer forced to go to prayer five times a day.

For some women, the jubilation at realizing a hard-won freedom Sunday will be tempered by the arrests last month of a number of Saudi rights activists, including some who have played a prominent role in the fight for women's right to drive.

Among the women's rights advocates arrested last month were Loujain Al-Hathloul, who was previously detained for 73 days in 2014 after trying to drive from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia, and Aziza al-Yousef, 70, one of the country's earliest activists for the right to drive.

Congrats to the women!!

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