Should You Be Scared of Ma?

Are You Scared of Ma?

We all knew she was an actress capable of playing just about any role after watching her in films such as Hidden Figures, Gifted, and even Zootopia. Golden Globe and Academy Award recipient Octavia Spencer has definitely been a convincing actress throughout the years, and I guess it’s safe to say the role of cold blooded murderer should have crossed the minds of many. Especially after she said the infamous line “Eat my shit” in “The Help”.

In the upcoming film “Ma” we get the opportunity to see Spencer transition from a fun loving maternal figure into a psychopath who’s obsessed with a group of high school party goers. Based on the trailer, this thriller could be a must see. Considering Spencer covered the role of Dr. Evilini in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place with ease. The opportunity to see Octavia Spencer portrayed as the villain truly puts a twist on things, making me eager to see what “Ma” has up her sleeve.

Watch the trailer below!

-DJ Jazzy T & Natasia Harris

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