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“Summer Bodies Are Built in the Winter/Spring”

As the blossoms begin to bloom, the birds begin to chirp, and the warmer weather slowly creeps in; it’s no surprise that it’s almost that time of the year. Yeah, it’s time to get summertime fine!

3 Ways to Get Summertime Fine

  1. Eat Healthily and Consistently

It’s no secret that fitness for the most part, revolves around your diet. Instead of waiting until April and beginning a fad diet or a month long detox that requires a cold turkey total life transformation. Try eating three balanced meals each day! Snacking between meals is always a great option, as long as they’re healthy as well. If that’s too tough, try incorporating one raw meal a day into your diet. Therefore a fruit smoothie for breakfast or a veggie salad for lunch or dinner would fit the criteria just fine! Easing into a diet change makes the transition much smoother.

  1. Stop Choosing the Easy Way Out

I know. I know. The elevator is so much more convenient, but the stairs? Yeah! The stairs have your best interest at heart. Choosing the stairs not only adds years to your life by increasing mobility and adding a little cardio to your daily activities. It also burns twice as many calories as walking. Not to mention, the stairs is a much faster option than waiting on the elevator.

  1. Get. Some. Sleep.

If you ask me, sleep is the most important out of the three. Seriously, your body needs rest. When you’re deprived of sleep, you instantly become lazy. Have you ever noticed your desire to choose takeout over a home cooked meal because you simply don’t have the energy to cook? Maybe you’ve skipped your cycling class because you really just needed a nap. Sleep deprivation increases lazy tendencies while also slowing your metabolism. In other words, less sleep leads to a lazy you and a body that refuses to let go of fat.

Though you may have let go of your New Year’s resolution to get in the gym, eat right, or devote more time to yourself. By following my three simple tricks to getting summertime fine. You can return to those resolutions with ease and have the body of your dreams with less stress and a smooth transformation.

Blogged by DJ Jazzy T & Natasia Harris

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