Counter Protesters Overpower Both WLM Rallies in Tennessee

Counter protesters outnumbered white nationalists Saturday in peaceful "White Lives Matter" rallies in Tennessee. In Shelbyville, the site of the first rally, about 200 white nationalists (met by about twice as many counter protesters) carried a Confederate flag and chanted for closed borders and deportations at a mid-morning gathering.

As Brian Culpepper of the National Socialist Movement went the microphone to speak, counter protesters played Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech over their own speaker, which drowned out Culpepper's words.

At one point, as counter protester shouted "Black Lives Matter" the white nationalists, chanted back "blood and soil."

In Murfreesboro, business owners boarded up windows downtown and residents held a prayer vigil Friday night near the rally site.

On Saturday afternoon, about 600 counter protesters showed up, out numbering only around 30 white nationalists. They lined Church Street, one of the city's busiest corridors, and counter protesters chanted "refugees are welcome here" and "this is what democracy looks like." 

In the end law enforcement kept the two sides apart and the crowds eventually dispersed. In the end love over powered hate. 

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