Nicki Minaj May Be Secretly Pregnant With Nas' Baby

Word on the street is that Nicki Minaj is pregnant, not a rumor but 100% fact.

A message from a reliable source says this:

Nicki found out she was pregnant during thanksgiving and supposedly she supposed to announce her bundle of joy around the Grammys.

She was also caught sneak dissing Nas on twitter talking about “ Have you ever noticed how confused people act when you start treating them EXACTLY how they’ve been treating you? “

It’s a known fact Nas is very moody and very stuck in his ways. She also tweeted “ Too often we confuse being loved with being used.”

In Nas crazy mind he may believe she doesn’t love him but she’s using him off the strength of how you out of nowhere become nasty crazy after Shether drop? You’ve been knowing Nas for how long? & after Remy bodies you , you get on some player s*** and start dating the rapper? IDK it’s a lot of fluke s*** going on and I will get to the bottom of it. Lol

She’s also been very MIA on the social medias. (Possibly because of Pregnancy)

And it gets crazier,  We’re told that Nas has told Kelis about his new baby on the way and Kelis is jealous about not being Nas only baby's mother,  so thats the reason for their custody battle over their son. 

All around F*CKERY to start off 2018 

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