New Tell All Book About Beyonce's Family Claim Her Father Was a Crack Head

Radar Online is reporting on a new book about Beyonce’s family – and in it there are some EXPLOSIVE revelations, specifically that Beyonce’s dad was a “crack head.”

Here’s what Radar Online is saying:

In his scathing new tell-all, Beyonce: Raising Genius, Brewer introduces himself as Beyonce’s first vocal coach who claims to have worked with the singer up through the beginning of her Destiny’s Child fame and also lived under the same roof as the international pop star with her parents, Tina and Mathew, and sister, Solange. It was inside Beyonce’s childhood home in Houston where Brewer claims he witnessed Mathew using drugs.

Brewer claimed that while Mathew hid his love of drugs from little Beyonce and Solange, he and Tina not only suspected it but had proof of it. In the book, Brewer claimed to have come across a bag of Mathew’s substance of choice in their home in the ‘90s. “In a teary scene, Celestine said that Mathew’s drug use had gotten out of hand,” Brewer wrote. “I knew all about it. I’d found a very small package of what appeared to be Mathew’s wonder drug. It must have fallen out of his jacket pocket, onto the kitchen floor in the Knowles’ house.”

That was just the start, Brewer claimed. The ex-teacher said the drug use became such a problem that Mathew turned on Tina and began stealing cash from the salon she owned at the time, Headliners. “She suspected her best friend Vernell and actually accused her of stealing, but ultimately had to confess that it had been Mathew.”

The news shocked Tina but was a home run for the disgraced dad. Brewer explained: “The out of court settlement provided him the money not only for his extracurricular pleasures at several Houston gentleman’s clubs but also for massive amounts of cocaine.”

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