Man Brakes His $2,500 S*x Doll After Trying To Get it Into FREAKY Positions

Everywhere you look – you see articles about how S*X DOLLS will replace WOMEN in the near future.

A man attempting a FREAKY position with his sex doll has shocked social media users after he ended up breaking the doll’s leg.

According to Facebook user Karess Lawary, he was trying to be freaky with bae (his sex doll) when he started feeling too good. So he tried to put the doll’s leg behind her head and pound away.

Lo and behold, he heard a snap and voila, his pretty sex doll’s leg was broken. Check out his Facebook update below.

”i done tried to put them, Legs behind the head n pound that pussy smh done broke a bihhhhh leg ”

Karess Lawary’s sex doll incident has gone viral on social media where it has been shared over 24,800 times.

Among the 9300 comments are these ones from shocked readers:

I wanna know where the f*ck her finger is

Another said: See a real woman wouldn’t have broke  FSE!!!!

Another comment: A damn shame. I bet she didn’t even cry. Or call the police. She need a miracle. Fix it Jesus.

Another commenter also said: “Did u get hungy n eat the pussy too? It looks like a pitbull got her ass ”

“why her fingers missing, this is starting to look like a CSI situation” lmfaooooooooo

Check out the damage 

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