Pastor’s Wife ACCIDENTALLY Sends S*XTAPE To Church Members

The wife of a popular pastor has accidentally shared her own sex video to the entire congregation – via social media.


According to the website, Osofo Maame, wife of a famous Ghanaian pastor – mistakenly shared the video into a Whatsapp group that she is a member of. The newspaper didn’t explain WHO she was sending the video too, but the First lady was likely sending it to her husband the pastor.

From the short video, the pastor’s wife could be seen playing with her vital parts in the video while she seductively to dances in front of the camera.

Through it all, her baby can be heard crying in the background, but Osofo Maame is too consumed with the flames of passion to attend to the child.

People are wondering why on earth a pastor’s wife would even make such a video in the first place? Well, if in fact, she was sending it to her high profile hubby, then technically, there was nothing immoral taking place, just some horrible luck. They are MARRIED. Accidentally sending sexually graphic content to anybody except the sender’s intended audience is a lot of people’s worst nightmare.

The pastor’s wife should consider sending her saucy vids via his Facebook DM’s in the future, or wait until he returns home and give him a private show.

Currently, there is no word on how her prominent pastor spouse is handling this embarrassment. One thing’s for sure – church next Sunday for his congregation should be interesting, to say the very least!

Here is a picture of what CONGREGANTS got on their phones

Here is the alleged video (18+) 

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