Trump Got Hit A With Gust Of Wind, And His Lace Front Almost Came Off

We ALL know that Donald Trump’s hair is FAKE NEWS. But yesterday – he almost LOST his wig while entering Air Force One.Recently, we wrote about his missing teeth, but game him props for at least getting his hairpiece together. We’re going to have to retract those statements as he was caught slipping on live television!

His recent scalp reduction has left him down in a BIG way. You can see in the video, the hair blows all the way to the side, revealing a substantial bald section of his head.

According to his doctor, Trump takes a small dose of hair-loss drugs daily.

If only the Prez were as carefree as his weave. The highly strung commander in chief is obsessed with responding to the criticisms of Black artists and athletes while guzzling a dozen diet Coke’s in his office – plotting ways to deport the Latin people and Africans to their “sh*thole countries” while simultaneously making rich people richer and poor people poorer.

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