Stacey Dash Says She's Considering a Run for Congress, Twitter Went In!!!

Stacey Dash announced yesterday – that she plans to run for Congress – as a “tea party” Republican.

Here’s what she said on social media:

In response to numerous calls for me to run for office, I am considering a run for Congress. Would love to know what my fans and friends think.”

As you can imagine, Twitter lit her all the way up!

“No way stay in ur lane we don’t need another celebrity that knows nothing about about governing or even have experience as a public servant experience needed”

“If you run based on the opinion of whether you’re “fans” think you should run? Then you probably shouldn’t.”

“So sad when a struggling entertainer misuses politics in a lame attempt to get some free press to revive their struggling career.”

“Girl, aint nobody asking your canceled ass to run nothing. Maybe to run away.”

But she also received quite a bit of support from Trump fans too:

“Big fan & would love to see u take a more active roll in the party. U’re very courageous. U’ve done the hard part, which is come out as a Republican:) You’ve defended urself successfully 4 yrs against attacks, that’s nothing new, u can handle it.”

“More people would be tuning in to watch you , the democrats would turn the volume down, but they would watch, lol. Bring that beautiful mind to Capitol Hill!”

“I would love to see you run for office! You are exactly the type of person we need in government! An honest, hard working, common sense patriot!”

With Omarosa out the door, the Republicans have a slot open for “token Black girl.” Stacey Dash could actually have a good chance of winning a seat at the table. She’s just a qualified as the rest of the Republican administration.

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