Cardi B Says She "Ruptured" Butt Implants While Giving Birth

Apparently Cardi B has had some "minor complications" while giving birth to her baby girl Kulture. Reports say Cardi Ruptured her butt implats. Cardi has always been open about her plastic surgery as she spoke openly about paying $800 for the illegal implants. She told GQ magazine back in April that she got the illegal operation in a basement in Queens, without anesthetic.

About 3 minuets into the video she says "My as* is broken, the baby broke my ass.” She went on to say that she didn't think it was take so long for her body to heal."Rumor had it that  Cardi had a "minor" operation to fix the ruptured implant and reverse the damage. Unfortunately for fans, it may take longer than expected is one reason she cancelled the Bruno Mars tour.