Metro-Nashville Police Releases Disciplinary File After Officer Involved Shooting

Last week a Metro-Nashville police officer shot a man three times at the Cayce Homes public housing development in East Nashville. That man, Jocques Clemmons, died during sugery. 

The officer involved in the shooting, Josh Lippert, is a five-year veteran. 

This week the Metro-Nashville Police Department released Officer Lippert's disciplinary history. He has been disciplined 8 times in his five years of employment, resulting in 20 total days of suspension. 

In 2013 alone, he was suspended for the following violations:

- Negligent operating police vehicle

- Allowing a citizen to wear police jacket

- Court date voilation

- Violating use of force policy

In multiple instances, he was disciplined for using "poor judgment" resulting in the use of force, and failing to adhere to policy and rules on use of force. 

The officer's disciplinary file states, " The officer used poor judgment while arresting a suspect, placing himself and others in danger. His actions created the necessity to use force against an intoxicated subject.”

Officer Josh Lippert is currently on administrative assignment following last weeks shooting.