Momma Dee Comes Out In Favor Of Trump's Wall!

Normally, I am in favor of celebrities speaking out on certain issues, even if I don't personally agree with their views. Many celebrities run in circles with politicians and many, like John Legend for instance, are highly educated and very articulate people. Momma Dee however, is not one of the highly educated, well articulate celebrities I'm speaking of. I wouldn't even call her a celebrity, more of a reality star. And being a reality star isn't the only thing Scrappy's mother has in common with Donald Trump, she also supports Trump's controversial border wall idea, although she admits, she didn't even vote. Here's what she told Domenick Nati:

“I believe in his policies on Immigration… I think they should pay for the wall. Mexicans wanna come over here and make money. They come over here for every dollar; it’s two or three of em’… and they come over here not paying taxes… they should pay for it.”