This Year's Warren Buffett March Madness Bracket Contest: $1 Million A Year For Life

It's no surprise when Warren Buffett does his annual March Madness bracket challenge year after year, offering $1 Million to anyone with a perfect bracket. After all, he is the second-richest person in the world with $76.6 BILLION!

But this year he's announced his second March Madness bracket contest for employees. Any Berkshire Hathaway employee that can correctly pick the Sweet 16 will win $1 million a year for life. That's right, for life.

Now looking at the logic - getting the 16 teams correct after two rounds of the NCAA Tournament is tough, but statistics show it isn't impossible! shows that 14 out of 11.57 million pulled it off correctly in 2014. That's 1 in 826,000 people. 

Knowing how difficult it is, Warren Buffett still wants to reward his employees for the hard work. He will awards $100,000 to the person who makes it the furthest. 

And since you were wondering (because we know you are) Berkshire Hathaway is hiring! Check out their website HERE!

SOURCE: Forbes