Kim Kardashian Just Shared How She Pampers Kanye West After His Shows

Kim Kardashian recently used her app to reveal what she does for Kanye West after his concerts ends...and honestly, it probably won't surprise you.

Kim admits, "After every show, I always greet Kanye with a black Versace towel and a glass of water in a Versace glass."

She made this confession on her app just one day after her sister Kourtney was targeting on social media for showing off her wealth. The uproar came after photos were posted of Kourtney's two kids on top of a $122,000 Mercedes G-Wagon. But I guess if you got it, you got it. And everything they have (including their towels, are designer).

Hopefully while Kim and Kanye are doing their after show ritual, they're at least singing Migos' song.

SOURCE: Refinery29