Madness: Dave Chappelle's Cousin Claims He Was Killed And Cloned!

The picture above is of Dave Chappelle... or is it?!?!?! According to one person that claims to be Chappelle's cousin, it is NOT! It's actually a clone of Dave Chappelle. Before I give you the cliff notes on the claims, let me first say that I personally don't believe a drop of this story, but I do find it entertaining. Dave's cousin claims that a certain group of people wanted Dave to sign his $50 million dollar deal but stop making fun of black people because they were about to usher in the first black President. Extremely long story short, Dave disagreed, and was eventually killed, then cloned into the Dave we see today, which is INSANE! However, if you would like to listen to everything his alleged cousin is saying, check out the video below and for a more in-depth description, click HERE