Cowboys' David Irving Raises Fist After Anthem

Following NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's efforts to end the National Anthem controversy, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones' demanded that all players on his team stand during the national anthem. 

While multiple players from other teams continued to sit out or remain in the stadium tunnel during the singing of the National Anthem, the most controversial demonstration was from Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving.

He waited for the anthem to be complete to raise his fist. 

In interviews after the game, when Irving was asked about his demonstration from reporters he said, "I’ve said some teasers here and there and it turned into a big, huge thing, a big distraction ... We’re just going to talk about football now."

He followed with saying, "My dad's a Master Sergeant and I've had plenty of discussions and talks with him about the issue, and my oldest brother served as a Marine as well. You know, I'm not meaning to disrespect the flag at all.

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