Jay-Z Speaks On Meek's Unjust Sentence At Show!

Jay-Z is not being quiet about Meek Mill's unjust 2-4 jail sentence. He released a statement Monday, just after Meek's sentence came down, and last night in Dallas stopped his show to defend Meek again. Check out the video above and for a transcript of what Jay said, see below:

"Just give me like two seconds, and we'll keep the show going, but I've got to say something about a young man by the name of Meek Mill. He caught a charge when he was, like, 19. He’s 30 now; he’s been on probation for 11 years. F**king 11 years...The judge just violated him; he's got to do two to four years because he got arrested for being on a bike and popping a f**king wheelie. Still n***a. This 4:44 album is all about us moving forward and moving past it. In order for us to move past all the sh*t that we're going through. Black people, in particular, we gotta get our sh*t together. You're not second-class to anybody."