Nude Pics Of Tupac Will Be Sold For At Least 15k!

Page 6 is reporting that a nude photo of Tupac will be up for purchase at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auction with a starting bid of $15,000! The pic was allegedly taken by one of Pac's ex girlfriends, who told the story of how the pic came to be. Peep the story below:

“This nude photograph of Tupac was taken in 1990 at a house party in Marin County. Always the showman (and jokester!) Tupac would, on occasion, drop his pants when least expected and catch his friends by surprise. On this particular night, when my camera was about to go off taking a group shot, he did it again! I told him I was going to zoom in if he didn’t move fast and yank his pants up, but he just grinned at me and didn’t budge. Flash! These singular photos capture the playful, spontaneous and uninhibited side of Tupac.”