Tennessee Man Lets 'Jesus Take The Wheel' Literally, Flips Car 5 Times!

Over the weekend, Chad O. England of Maryville, TN flipped his car 5 times on the interstate in Bristol, TN. Afterwards, England claimed he "Let Jesus take the wheel." According to the report, “He said that Jesus was calling him and advised him to let go of the wheel, and that’s what he did.” England also claims he didn't flee the scene, the report says he “stated that he did not take off running, he was ‘being called and was traveling to bow before someone.’” 

It's no surprise that police found 6 grams of marijuana, just over ½ a gram of cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, a nearly empty bottle of Crown Royal whiskey, another, smaller empty Crown Royal bottle and aerosol cans used for “huffing.”

England faces DUI first offense, felony possession of schedule II drugs for resale, possession of schedule VI drugs, possession of paraphernalia, open container, no driver’s license in possession, failure to exercise due care, no registration in possession, violation of implied consent and no insurance in possession.

SOURCES: AJC and WVLT, Knoxville