The Surveillance Pic Of Dolewite Present During Nashville Mayor's Affair!

Yesterday, I discovered that I was an innocent bystander in Nashville Mayor Megan Barry's affair. If you missed how I was involved, you can read about it HERE. Today, our new friend Bryan Staples from News Channel 5 found a pic of me walking my dog 2 minutes after Mayor Barry and her side piece "pulled out" (yes, that was a double entendre lol) It's a security surveillance video, so it's grainy, but that is "My Dawg" *Lil Baby voice!

In closing, I would like to add that this was just one day of footage that was pulled. I'm sure Bryan Staples has many more important things to do than look for a sleazy night club DJ walking his dog in a cemetery. My point is, there is no telling how many times the Mayor, her side piece, Walli and I crossed paths in that cemetery!