Why We Should Be Proud Of Nashville Students For Walking Out!

Today was national walkout day for students that wanted to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting and put pressure on government officials for more strict gun laws, you can see a list of Middle TN schools that participated courtesy of WSMV below...

  • Big Picture High School (Nashville)
  • Creswell Middle Prep (Nashville)
  • East End Prep (Nashville)
  • Gallatin High School
  • Head Magnet School (Nashville)
  • Hendersonville High School
  • Hume-Fogg High School (Nashville)
  • MLK Jr. Magnet High School (Nashville)
  • Overton High School (Nashville)
  • West End Middle School (Nashville)
  • Williamson County Schools
  • Rutherford County Schools (including Riverdale High School and Siegel High School)

MY OPINION: I'll be 40 years old in August and a lot of people my age tend to speak down on the younger generation, but to me, no matter where you stand on the gun issue, you have to admit, these kids are way more engaged in meaningful activity than we were at their age. They live in a world that is dominated by us, older people. They are told that their issues aren't important and they are standing up to that rhetoric in a way that our generation never did. So to the kids that walked out of school today, not all older people are against you. I for one am proud of you! Continue to fight!