What We Know About The Terrorist Austin Bomber...


According to police Conditt made a 25-minute that was found on his cell phone when police recovered his body this morning. 

The Interim Austin police Chief Brian Manley described it as a confession and also mentioned that Conditt didn't mention hate on it. 


The parents of Mark Anthony Conditt released a statement to CNN about their son's actions. 

"We are devastated and broken at the news that our family could be involved in such an awful way," the family said. "We had no idea of the darkness that Mark must have been in.

"Our family is a normal family in every way. We love, we pray, and we try to inspire and serve others. Right now our prayers are for those families that have lost loved ones, for those impacted in any way, and for the soul of our Mark. We are grieving and we are in shock."


The terrorist bomber in Austin Texas has been identified as 23 year old Mark Anthony Conditt. Conditt's bombs murdered two people and injured many more before ending his own life by detonating a bomb in his car after being discovered by police. Although a motive has not been announced as of now, all of Conditt's targets were African American, so I think this is a pretty clear case. Here's what we know about Conditt as of 10:15am:

- He graduated from Austin Community College.

- He worked as a computer repair tech and also as a "purchasing agent/buyer/shipping and receiving" at Crux Manufacturing.

- He used an "exotic" and foreign battery in his explosives which probably came from Crux Manufacturing as was key to authorities linking the attacks together.

- According to his blog, he believed gay marriage should not be legal because, in his words, homosexuality was "not natural."

- According to his blog, he was against government providing women with free abortions, saying, "If you can't provide for a child, then don't have sex."

- According to his blog, he was against the sex offender registry, saying "You have to really hate the guy to make him suffer for the rest of his life, even when his prison time is up."

- According to his blog, he was in favor of the death penalty, saying "Living criminals harm and murder again -- executed ones do not."