Tomi Lahren's Dumba** Is Talking Ish About Jay-Z!

Another day, another reason to despise Tomi Lahren! This time, she takes aim at Jay-Z for calling her icon Donald Trump get this... a racist! Not only does Tomi ignore about half of the country who feels this way and single out Jay, she goes as far as saying:

“Please, go back to rapping filthy lyrics and celebrating your drug-dealing resume and let Donald Trump make America great again, for us all.”

Tomi is obviously not familiar with the many REAL charitable acts that the Carter's have engaged in over the years, and tends to ignore the fact that Trump's charitable acts have come into question numerous times. Furthermore, while Jay-Z does use cuss words in his music, Trump uses them in conversation, like saying "Grab them by the p***y." So if you're offended by Jay's language and not by Trump's, congrats, you're a hypocrite!