Part Of I-24 In Downtown Nashville Will Be Closed This Weekend

If you're like me and a master of these Nashville backstreets, this may not affect you, but if you're somewhat new to the city, read this closely because it could save you HOURS in travel time this weekend! Beginning at 8pm tonight, the I-24/I-65 split north of downtown Nashville to the I-24/I-40 split south of downtown Nashville will close until Monday at 6am. Here are the alternate routes:

To I-24 WB/I-65 NB: Take Ellington & Briley Pkwy

To I-40/I-24 EB/I-65 NB: Take 4th Ave

To I-65/I-40 WB: Take Rosa L Parks Blvd

To I-65 SB: Take Wedgewood