OPINION: Nashville's James Shaw Is A Hero, No Buts!

James Shaw Jr. is a hero. Period. You cannot follow that with a but, if, and, or maybe. He is a hero. Scrolling through my various social media outlets I have seen more than one person follow that sentence with a but... Nope! You cannot give a compliment and take it back. Back handed compliments may work when you're describing a friend's hair or a coworkers outfit, but when it comes to saving lives, you have to STFU! James Shaw is a hero. PERIOD.

I do not need to do the research on mass shootings or mass shootings stopped by an unarmed civilian to know that what James Shaw did late Sunday morning is rare. Think about it, our news cycles are constantly filled with the unfortunate and heart breaking stories caused by mass shootings, yet, we almost never hear of a mass shooter being stopped by a civilian, much less an unarmed civilian. Only those that have actually been in that situation can openly and honestly say what they would do, and almost none have done what James Shaw did.

I've seen James Shaw criticized for openly admitting that his heroic behavior was to save his own life. Why does that matter? Would you have done what he did? You don't know? Then politely STFU! I've seen him criticized for running out of the Waffle House and not going back to check on everybody. I've seen him criticized for letting Travis Reinking get away and my answer to all of this criticism is STFU! There's almost a 100% chance that you wouldn't have shown the same bravery and heroism that Mr. Shaw did, so again, STFU!

Then, I saw this foolishness on my friend Deshun's Instagram...

You read that right. She is upset that James Shaw isn't religious enough. There was a restaurant FULL of people that are alive right now because of James Shaw, his personal beliefs do not matter. I'll say that again, His. Personal. Religious. Beliefs. DO. NOT. MATTER. So again, I ask that you STFU!

And finally, I've heard people talk about how James Shaw is probably going to find a way to make money off of this situation. And even though he has done nothing to my knowledge to base that thought on, so TF what? This is America. We make celebrities and millionaires out of people for sextapes, James Shaw saved lives, do you really want to have this argument?

In closing, I would like to remind anyone that has the gall to put a "but" behind the sentence "James Shaw is a hero" to STFU! James Shaw Jr. is a hero. PERIOD!