Nashville Ranks High On Cities With Most Mosquitoes List!

It's almost summer and with all the beautiful weather comes plenty of mosquitoes! Nashville ranked 13th on Orkin's list of the cities with the most mosquitoes. Hey, at least we're not Atlanta, who came in 1st! The top 20 are below and for the full list, click HERE

1) Atlanta

2) Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas 

3) New York 

4) Washington, D.C. 

5) Chicago 

6) St. Louis, Mo. 

7) Houston

8) Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

9) Kansas City, Mo. 

10) Charlotte, N.C. 

11) Detroit 

12) Memphis, Tenn. 

13) Nashville, Tenn. 

14) Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla. 

15) Raleigh-Durham, N.C. 

16) Los Angeles 

17) Philadelphia 

18) Birmingham, Ala. 

19) Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, Fla. 

20) Austin, Texas