Travelpulse's List Of Things To Do In Nashville Is VERY Caucasian!

Travelpulse recently released their list of "15 Things You Must Do In Nashville" and it lacked in the diversity department. Seriously, my DNA came back like 1% African and my DNA is more diverse than this list. I know taking tours of Fort Negley or Fisk University may not be the most popular things to do among Nashville tourists, but c'mon! They mentioned Jeni's, but did they even try Legato Gelato?  And although I thought a Slim & Husky's or Cupcake Collection mention was a no brainer, maybe the writers thought those were too new, but HOW did they NOT mention Prince's?!?!?! Besides country music, Nashville is known for HOT CHICKEN! HOW was Prince's NOT mentioned?!?! Check out the list HERE