UPDATE: A Warrant Has Been Issued For Officer In Daniel Hambrick Killing

UPDATE 3:30p

Officer Delke's attorney is holding a press conference

UPDATE 12:13p

Officer Andrew Delke has been arrested according to the Davidson County District Attorney's office

UPDATE 12:05p

We have just received reports that a judge has signed an affidavit stating there is probable cause in the shooting death of Daniel Hambrick. There is now a warrant issued for the arrest of officer Andrew Delke.

As you can see in the video above, Daniel Hambrick was murdered by officer Andrew Delke of the MNPD. Hambrick was clearly running away when the officer opened fire, taking his life. Earlier today, a night court judge denied the DA's motion for a homicide charge, stating there was not enough evidence. HOW WAS THERE NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE?!?!?!?!