What's Stopping You? Nashville Ranks In Top 10 Places To Start A Business!

I'm not one that normally gives encouragement to the masses, presenting myself as some kind of lifestyle guru, but I am known for saying "I told you so," and in this blog, I'm going to do both! In my 17 years here in Nashville, I've run into way too many people that either are considering moving to, or have moved to Atlanta. Why Atlanta? The common response has always been "opportunity," but personally, I believe many have moved for better nightlife.

I have always argued with the "moving to Atlanta" crowd that there is more opportunity here in Nashville. Why? Because Atlanta already has a lot of accommodations that Nashville does not have. Meaning, you can start a niche business here and have next to no competition, but in Atlanta, or any bigger city, there will be numerous businesses fighting for the same customer.

And now I have data to support my argument. Inc.com ranks Nashville as the 4th best city in the country to start a new business. That's 16 slots ahead of my hometown and favorite moving destination for Nashvillians, Atlanta, Ga. Check out the full list HERE

Here comes the encouraging part: So get out there and start that business. The WORST thing that can happen is you fail, lose all of your money, and end up on the street! How'd I do? lol