#FullyFundMNPS Script To Send To Budget And Finance Committee

Our teachers are fighting for a much needed pay raise and we should all stand firm with them. It's not enough to just talk about it among ourselves or on social media, we have to take action. Earlier today, the Sick Teacher's Instagram page posted a quick and simple way to help their cause. Please take one minute out of your day to copy and paste the script below and email it to one or all of the below budget and finance committee members:


Hi, my name is ____, and I live in District ___. As a citizen of Nashville, I am concerned about the funding of our public education system. We desperately need to fully fund our schools with the board's recommendations: a 10% cost of living adjustment, step increases, a $1/hr raise for bus drivers, and $15/hr pay for paraprofessionals. 
Funding is directly tied to the number of vacancies in Metro Schools and retention of quality professionals. Our leaders have said that education is a top priority for this "It City," but the proposed budget does not reflect those values. Pay for educators and staff does not account for our city's 15% cost of living increase from 2017-2018. These important professionals must be able to afford life in our city. 
Our community has shown that we want our public education system fully funded, so as my representative you need to amend this budget.

Email addresses:


If you are unaware of which district you live in, you can find out HERE