What's Happening Here? Trump Liked A Tweet About Rihanna!

Rihanna once publicly asked that Donald Trump stop playing her music at his "tragic rallies." Her dislike of 45 has been made certain on a few occasions, however, the dislike looks to only go one way. In his infamous Twitter career, Trump has only liked 8 tweets, the last one being in September of 2017 and the latest being a tweet from Monday in which Rihanna is quoted about her work-life balance. Is Trump a Rihanna fan? Did he perhaps like this tweet by mistake? If he did intend to like the tweet, why did he like it knowing that Rihanna has lashed out on him in the past? OR did he just want us talking about something else OTHER than the fact he invoked Executive Privilege over census documents? If so, NICE TRY DONNY! Check out the full story about Executive Privilege HERE