Report: 35% of Nashville renters looking to leave the city!

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A new report examining data on the migration patterns of Nashville renters finds 35% of them are looking to move somewhere else.

Apartment listing and marketplaceApartment Listused data from their user searches to find where current residents planning to leave Music City plan to go and where those moving to Nashville are migrating from.

Based on the data, among those seeking to come to Nashville, Memphis was the top spot with 9.4% of searchers looking at a move. New York, New York was second with 4.1%, and Chicago was third with 3.7%.

Of renters examining potential moves away from Nashville, the top destination was Knoxville with 11.8% of searches, Chattanooga 4.8%, and Louisville 4.1%. In total, 35% of current apartment dwellers in the city are seeking to move somewhere else.

Of those looking for a place to live in Nashville, 58% are searching for a spot outside the city.

Nationally, among the 25 largest metros, the city with the highest percentage of renters looking to leave was Orlando, Fl. with 55%. Detroit, San Francisco, Riverside (CA), and Chicago rounded out the top five. In terms of where renters were seeking to land, Tampa, Fl. led the largest metros with 63%, followed by Denver, Baltimore, San Diego, and Charlotte for the top five destinations.