RUMORS: This Is The NFL Team Jay-Z Is Allegedly Buying!



While we're all wondering which NFL team Jay-Z is set you buy, (and we in Nashville are super interested to know if it's the Titans) gossip site MTO is claiming that they know the answer! They are alleging that Jay is set to purchase 5% of the Pittsburgh Steelers which will run him between $100 and $200 million! MTO says their sources are "close to the deal."

Personally I can see why this would be both an easy rumor to believe and a hard one. The Rooney family has owned the Steelers since the franchise's inception in 1933 and have made it one of the most successful sports brands in the world, so it's really hard to believe they would sell off a share of it. Having said that, the now deceased Art Rooney was known as one of the more innovative owners in league history. His "Rooney Rule" made it mandatory for NFL teams to interview ethnic minority candidates for head coaching and senior senior football operations jobs, so maybe the Rooney fam wants to honor their father by keeping the progression moving and inviting Jay in as a minority owner.

I guess there's a 1/32 chance this is true and I'm still holding out hope that The Carters are coming to Nashville!

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