Tennessee ranks 16th of hardest workings states in America, report says

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) —Tennessee ranks 16th when it comes to the hardest-working state in America, according to a new report.

A study for WalletHub released Monday said Tennessee is the 16th hardest working state in the United States. The top states included North Dakota (1), Alaska (2), South Dakota (3) and Texas (4). The personal finance website compared 50 states across 10 key metrics like average workweek, employment rate, share of engaged workers and commute time to compile the rankings.

Texas finished fourth in the study, with a third place mark in "direct work" factors. Texas was dragged down, however, by a middling 39th finish in "indirect work" factors, which include average commute time, share of workers with multiple jobs and average leisure time.

Americans work an average of almost 1,800 hours per year and the average worker uses only 54 percent of their available vacation time, the website released in its report. Texas is no different, with the fourth-highest mark in average work week hours.

If you were wondering, the five states that ranked as the least hard-working in the study were Oregon (45), Ohio (46), Michigan (47), New Mexico (48), Rhode Island (49) and West Virginia (50).

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