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New study ranks Nashville as most expensive city for average hotel rooms

A recent study names Nashville as the most expensive city in the United States when it comes to average hotel prices, outranking New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.

It’s leading some to ask: is staying in Nashville becoming too expensive?

There’s a lot of people packing their bags for downtown Nashville. Some are visiting for bachelorette parties.

Others, like Gina Reynolds and her husband are here for a birthday celebration.

Gina says they wanted to book a hotel near lower Broadway, but:

“The closer we got into the downtown area, the Riverwalk area, here, which is particularly the area that we wanted to be in, the prices absolutely went up exponentially,” Reynolds said.

That’s why they had to book a room away from downtown.

“We’re over near Percy Priest, about ten minutes from here, maybe 15, and even within trying to get three miles closer, the price went up $100 to $150,” Reynolds said.

According to a new study done by Cheap that ranks average hotel prices, downtown Nashville is the most expensive place to stay in the U.S. with an average of $223 a night.

Butch Spyridon is with the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation.

“People will spend their money if they think they’re getting value, and certainly we’re displacing some people, but we’re setting a record every month, so people are coming, people feel like they’re getting value out of Nashville,” Spyridon said.

Spyridon says current demand for rooms in the city is pushing the rates up, but it’s also driving supply, which could eventually bring prices back down.

“I just hope that Nashville doesn’t price itself out of just the average American person with kids and a growing family, it’s the heart of America,” Reynolds said.

According to the latest numbers from the NCVC, there are currently 32,001 rooms in Davidson County. Overall, 21 hotels with 2,523 rooms are scheduled to open this year. Of these, 14 properties with 1,742 rooms have already opened.

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