Middle Tennessee teacher's social media comments under review

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.--A Montgomery County teacher's reported statements on social media are being reviewed by the Clarksville-Montgomery County School system.

Montgomery-County Schools confirms with FOX 17 News there was a complaint filed by a concerned resident who took screenshots of a conversation with the teacher on Facebook.

According to the Leaf Chronicle, the conversation surrounded an article involving a Florida teen who punched a man wearing a Donald Trump Halloween costume. According to the screenshots shown by the Leaf Chronicle, the teacher states "I hope she gets slammed for it. These kids think they can do anything with no consequences for their actions."

In the comments section, the teacher goes on to state "She should have shot them."

The statements led to a debate with a concerned resident to then sent the screenshots to some school board members. The complaint made its way to the Director of Schools.

Elise Shelton, spokesperson for Clarksville-Montgomery Schools tells FOX 17 News "We are reviewing the complaint and it is currently with the HR department." Shelton added every year all district employees are instructed on social media policies.

Shelton says the investigation is currently ongoing and there has been no conclusion so the teacher remains in his position. The teacher is confirmed to be an employee at Byrns Darden Elementary.