Drake Curses Ravens, Lamar Jackson Responds, Titans WILL Win!

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams

Good news Titan fans, you're going to win this weekend against all odds in Baltimore! You heard it here first! The Titans are LOCK! Why? Because Lamar Jackson and The Ravens just fell victim to the infamous "Drake Curse." Every time Drake pulls for a certain team of individual in sports, they suffer a loss! Well, all but that one Toronto Raptor's championship which we will not reference any more...

Drake wished Ravens QB Lamar Jackson a happy birthday yesterday on Instagram, which sent shock waves through Raven nation because it was at that point they knew their team was doomed!

Jackson addressed Drake's birthday wishes in a press conference...

Lamar Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jackson Hewitt, IDGAF, Titans by 10!

(Special shout out to Titans fans for letting me on this bandwagon since my Falcons were trash this year)