Nashville among top cities where workers need the most hours to pay rent

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A study from personal finance and technology companySmartAssetfinds Nashville is among the Top Ten cities where it takes the most hours of work to pay rent.

The company examined the annual take-home pay, average number of hours worked per year and median rent of the 25 largest American cities for the study.

Overall, the study found more than 30% of average earnings in the 25 cities went to paying rent. In Nashville, the average worker earns $29,971 after taxes, or $19.48 per hour according to SmartAsset. With a median monthly rent of $1,117, it would take the average worker 57 hours of work to cover the cost of rent each month.

The 57.3 hours of work ties the city for 10th with Austin, Texas. San Jose, California led all cities for the most hours of work needed with 76, followed by Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Denver, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Charlotte, and Nashville/Austin rounding out the Top Ten.

Detroit was the best of the Top 25 in terms of fewest hours needed to pay the rent bill with 41.3 hours.