Young Thug Talks About How Much Money He's Losing During Pandemic

This might be a little tone-deaf on his part but Young Thug is talking about how much cash he's losing during the pandemic. In an interview (with Big Boy's Neighborhood), Thug was asked about the money he won't be getting right now. Young Thug said, "it's gon' cost me double right, cause like, I ain't going to be able to do the shows. And then, the money that I get for the shows, let's just say I get 500,000, if I don't do these 10 shows, that's 5 M's-- but then I don't make 5 million til June-- and then I might spend a million, I might spend 2 million just on this quarantine s**t." He continued, "Like I got my mom and daddy owe these folks g** damn. I'm like y'all stay in the house, they like yeah, they get tired of the house they every week, they want a penthouse, go to the hotel. However much money I lose on the show, that's probably the same amount of money I lose spending my money." Full Interview above...

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