Video Shows White Cop Pinning Down Unarmed Black Man before Dying

A video posted on Facebook allegedly showing a white police officer keeping his knee on a black man's neck as he groans that he "can't breathe" has sparked outrage in Minneapolis. A police statement says officers responded to a "forgery in progress" and found the man, believed to be in his 40s, allegedly under the influence inside his car. When the suspect got out of his car, he resisted arrest. Once he was handcuffed, the officers "noted that he appeared to be in medical distress", according to CBS News. The video shows the unarmed suspect groaning "I can't breathe" and pleading with the officer who continues to put his knee into the man's neck. The suspect later died at the hospital. The Minneapolis Police Department has said two of the officers are now on administrative leave. The FBI will also assist in the investigation.