Nashville to stay in Phase 2 as 14-day COVID-19 case trend remains elevated

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) —Nashville will be staying in Phase Two of economic reopening as city leaders say the 14-day case trend has ticked upward.

Mayor Cooper said in a Monday news conference that the two-week average is showing an increase.

Instead of moving on to Phase Three or regressing to Phase One, Nashville will stay in Phase Two and continue to monitor coronavirus cases.

Dr. Alex Jahangir continues to urge Nashvillians to take the virus seriously.

"This isn't over," Dr. Jahangir said. "I literally have twice stood up here and said we’re taking a pause before moving into Phase Three.”

As of Monday, there are 6,228 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Davidson County, including 72 deaths and 4,741 recoveries. An increase of 72 new cases in 24 hours.