If You Want To Defund The Police In Nashville, Here's What To Do TODAY!

Thanks to Gicola Lane and the good people at Nashville People's Budget for continuing to fight what is, in my personal opinion, the good fight! There is a Metro Council Meeting tonight and if you're in favor of reallocating funds marked for police and jails and moving those funds to things like education, healthcare, and public housing, here's what you need to do today!

1) Educate yourself. Learn all about the alternate budgets and amendments HERE

2) Email your council member, ask them 1)Do you support defunding police and incarceration and investing in our communities? 2)Will you vote for CM Mendes’ budget and CM Welsch’s amendment? In your email, include your street so they know you are their constituent. This must be done by 2pm TODAY!

3) Call your council member and follow up.

4) Attend the rally today, beginning at 5pm at City Hall. The council will begin their meeting, which includes voting on the new budget, tonight at 6:30pm.